5 Easy Ways to get more Massage Clients

Use these Massage Marketing Tips to help find more clients for your Massage Business!

You want more Massage Clients in your practice?!

Well you're in the right place!

Let's go over the 5 Easy Ways to get more Massage Clients in that diary so you can focus on what you do best as a therapist..delivering amazing massages! If you want more ideas then grab our free 75 Proven Ways to get More Massage Clients Guide here

1. Events & Workshops

Either you attending OR you hosting - nothing beats a face to face conversation for quickly helping someone make that decision whether they want to work with you or not.

If you're hosting, then it doesn't have to be fancy - a drop in coffee morning with taster sessions highlighting your massage therapy skills can work really well.

Make sure you have business cards and leaflets to hand out. Spend time finding out if they have any questions about what you do, do some myth busting and get them interested in how massage can help THEM specifically.

The ideal solution?

Collect email addresses from everyone interested in your followup (offer, video training etc), that way you'll definitely be in contact with them after the event! Remember they attended because they are interested in you and your massage services!

Even better - invite some of your current clients along and ask them to bring a friend. This is much more likely to bring in an ideal client if they are friends of someone already in your client base!

2. Physical Advertising

I qualified 15 years ago - and social media simply wasn't a thing! But I was able to build my business the old school way! Social Media marketing can feel easy, but with reducing reach don't forget some of the traditional massage marketing strategies too. 

It's super easy now to whip up a quick poster in Canva using one of their templates, and then order them through somewhere like InstantPrint (much quicker delivery than Vistaprint!) and in 24hrs be handing out posters or letter dropping leaflets around your massage practice.

Don't underestimate the power of a poster! Be bold, ask other local business owners if you can put one up in their window, you'll be surprised how many say yes!

3. Network Marketing

Sounds fancy - but basically it's working with other people to help market your business.

You'll get plenty of 'No's' here, don't give up.

Remember you only want to work with other health & wellness professionals who ARE interested in building a lucrative business partnership.This could be personal trainers, physical therapists, or even other massage therapists who focus in a different massage techniques - either way you're looking for people with a customer base of your ideal client.

It only takes one good relationship to get you set up with a steady stream of new massage clients being referred each and every week.

And remember make things a win:win when approaching other businesses.

What can your Massage practice bring to their business? How can you help them?

This works SO much better than just focusing on how they can bring you more potential clients!

4. Online Paid Advertising

If you're not doing Google Adwords - then get on it!

Yes, competition may be high if you are advertising for more massage clients in a big city.

But you'll be surprised how few local therapists are advertising on Google - and it's a great way to get your foot in the door for being one of the first massage therapists on the list when a client is looking for a same day massage appt!

It's an amazing way to get your massage therapy business in front of potential customers. And once it's set up once you can leave it running in the background.

And if you haven't already set up Google My Business - do it! It's free, step by step, and works alongside your Google Ads

5. Your Website

You have complete control when it comes to your website. That totally sounds like some sort of evil genius statement! Lol!

There are two ways you can do this.

First by creating a site that ranks well on Google. So this is learning about SEO, setting up Google Search Console and creating a plan for updating your website.

And second, by altering the experience people have when they land on your site you can change the number of bookings 10X!!!!

Highlight the benefits of massage, make sure that your future clients are clear if you're offering sports massage or relaxation massage. And most of all make it easy for them to book!

Ensure you have a booking link on EVERY page of your website so prospective customers have no stress and can book in for a massage.

Anything that's a challenge or hard to find can put off a potential client - and we want to increase those online massage bookings and create a great experience for happy clients AND loyal clients.

We've got a great podcast episode here on the Secrets to a Highly Converting Website.

If this has got the business ideas flowing and you're looking for super specific ways to get more massage clients into your business then you simply must check out our free 75 Proven Ways to get More Massage Clients Guide here


This post may contain affiliate links - meaning we get a small commission which helps support our efforts over here at the Business School whilst having zero impact on your wallet! We only recommend products or services tried & tested in our own clinics. And FYI we HIGHLY recommend that you do this in your massage business too!


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