Putting your Massage Marketing on Autopilot

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

Being able to hand over your marketing sounds like every therapist's dream, am I I right?!

But either the cost, the time or worrying that the content just won't be right for you and your business stops us. So it's back to trying to fit it in and learn it all ourselves?

Nope! In today's episode I share with you some of the tools out there to put your marketing on autopilot in an affordable way whilst still having control of the content!

If you're wanting ALL of your marketing on autopilot; leaflets, social media content, emails, blogs etc then you absolutely must check out the Co-Kinetic subscription options here:


Not only does every subscription option come with AWESOME free bonuses if you use the Massage Therapist Business School affiliate link but if you join the week this episode goes live (24th Aug 2020) then you also will get a place on the MTBS 4 Week Massage Marketing Accelerator worth £500, absolutely free!!

Check out all the subscription options here: https://landing.co-kinetic.com/mtbs


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