Clinic Business Growth

Learn to grow your massage business focusing on Rebooking, Retention & Systems for rapid growth without burnout.

Create a massage practice that works for YOU alongside other therapists with support of a business coach every step of the way.

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Finally! Somewhere you can get regular massage business coaching AND simple step-by-step advice every single month to help you grow your business at a price that won't break the bank!

It's time to move you from struggling sole practitioner to confident clinic owner. Let's increase your profits, free your time and build your confidence  you can be successful both in and out of the treatment room!

What is Clinic Business Growth?

It's a Business Coaching membership for Massage Therapists who want help to grow their massage therapy business without having to self-teach 'everything'. 

Move along the Therapist Success Path, ticking off the crucial milestones to progress from Building a Client Base, to Solo Master and (if you want to!) onto your First Hire and Growing a Team.

What does that mean?!

Good question!

It means this isn't just a Marketing membership, providing some social media images once a month.

It's also NOT just a course where it's just fingers crossed if you get through the content and start actually making changes in your business.

It means you get access to a kickass Massage Business Coach (me!) each and every week.

You're part of even more awesome community of other massage therapists just like you. All of whom are in the trenches growing their massage therapy practice.

PLUS all the frameworks, content and materials to help you grow your business spending less time, money and energy than if you had to do it alone!

See the Therapist Success Path here

What's included?

Here's a sneak peek inside Clinic Business Growth

  • Weekly drop-in Office Hours to tackle your questions and focus on strategy - giving that personal feedback
  • Weekly Co-Working Sessions - dedicated time to work ON your business alongside other therapist doing exactly the same!
  • New Checklist each Month - with a different topic, simple to do steps helping you make steady progress in ALL areas of your business
  • Therapist Success Path to help you navigate the Core Content to hit your next milestones
  • Oh, and of course all the worksheets, tutorials and Masterclasses to help teach you, not matter what stage you are at with your business focus on the most important things right now to move you forward and get rid of the confusion about what to work on next. 
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Within 1 month Adam had his biggest ever month in clinic!

Adding online booking, renting space to other therapists, increasing prices all with the coaching & support from me and the other awesome therapists in Clinic Business Growth

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Undecided? Hear what Lisa, one of our founding members has to say!

Lisa wants to stay a solo therapist, but has been adding other forms of income to her practice to help increase her earning capacity, stay financially secure whilst being able to provide for family AND give amazing massage to her clients!

Yes - I want help growing my business!

Here are some of the results members are getting

To start finally making some real progress with your business - come join us!

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